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The largest academic unit in the university, the School of Arts and Sciences also provides the heart of AURAK’s academic experience. Offering three academic programs, as well as the university-wide General Education Program, the School challenges students to explore the range of the Humanities and Social and Natural Sciences, while building their skills and confidence in different languages, and scientific and educational methodologies and techniques.

Our Faculty

Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences promote a passion for intellectual discovery, a lifelong love of learning, and a respect for self and others.  Our faculty are a dedicated group of teachers and scholars with a remarkable range and depth of experience.  Among them are internationally recognized scholars whose publications push boundaries within their fields.  While class sizes are growing, AURAK’s learning environment provides students with the perfect opportunity to learn from and engage with our faculty in small, friendly groups.

Academic Programs and General Education

The School of Arts and Sciences offers the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs:

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

Graduate Degree Program:

The School also administers the General Education Program, which is a requirement for all AURAK students. 

Teaching Emphases and Future Prospects

To succeed in a multicultural and rapidly changing world, our students require strong language and communication skills, excellent critical and problem solving abilities, and a firm ethical foundation.  Embedded in the General Education Program, these same skills and abilities are strengthened by courses in each of our academic programs.

Capitalizing on the university’s links across the United Arab Emirates, our programs also require students to complete an internship.  This process enables potential employers to appreciate the quality of training received by AURAK students; and, more importantly, it enables our students to develop the skills and contacts they need to take the next step within their chosen professions.……

With experienced teachers and renowned scholars, a wide range of academic possibilities, and a proven track record for steering graduates towards professional success, AURAK’s School of Arts and Sciences offers students the opportunity of a fulfilling university career and truly bright prospects for their futures as graduates.

Dr. Richard Gauvain

Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

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