Prof. Abdullah Alhumoud

Dean, School of Business

School of Business

Dean’s Message

Welcome to AURAK School of Business. I am happy to welcome you to be part of this Unique growing Institution. As the Name shows, students will gain a True “American” standard learning experience.

The Institution is already breaking records of academic achievements through the process of several U.S based accreditation system which will be placed as one of the first institution accredited in the Middle East.

At Aurak we welcome students from all countries and cultures. Being strategically located in Ras Alkhaimah, many students from neighboring cities within the UAE can have an easy commute.  In addition students from neighboring countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, & Oman) can easily travel here and gain a great study opportunity with a degree that will benefit them greatly in their future careers at home.

I recommend that you browse through our website to see the different specializations offered at our Undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate Students will apply theory to real-world business issues where they will be challenged to think in a critical manner applying real business solutions.

Our graduate students will be part of a distinguished MBA and EMBA program that will provide hands on education that will enhance their career opportunities at their current jobs and future careers.  Most of our graduate courses are taught on Weekends and evenings thus providing a convenience for employed students and students travelling from neighboring cities.

I as Dean of the Aurak School of Business welcome you and please feel free to visit us where our professional staff and faculty will be happy to assist you with any questions.

Prof. Abdullah Alhumoud

Dean, Aurak School of Business

Professor of Marketing


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