Prof. Bilal Akash

Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Research

School of Graduate Studies & Research


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Allow me to welcome you to the School of Graduate Studies and Research at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah. AURAK is a young institution that currently offers few graduate programs, but intends to grow in order to meet the community future needs of graduate programs. Our graduate programs are accredited and aim to prepare graduates for the demands of professional career in industry, academia, government or services worldwide. In its mission AURAK is committed to the highest standards of teaching, inquiry, ethics, and service to the community, and its graduates are prepared to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, and responsible citizens. The diverse and multicultural intellectual environment built by AURAK faculty, staff, and students provides the basis for our graduates to excel in their professional life. Also, AURAK has in its vision to be a leading institution of higher education in the region by advancing knowledge and engaging with the community.

The following graduate programs are offered at AURAK:

Research and scholarship are taken very seriously at AURAK, and they are a critical component of the academic life of the university. In that spirit all faculty members are expected to be active in their fields. The university is committed to encouraging faculty to increase the volume of research and continually to enhance its quality. In this way the disciplinary fields advance, the faculty members develop intellectually, the students receive a richer education, the intellectual climate of the university is enhanced, and the reputation of the university is advanced. The university is also committed to supporting the faculty’s research and scholarly activities.

Research and scholarship at AURAK rest largely on the expertise and research interests of the individual faculty members. Nevertheless, there are several general areas that are of special interest given the university’s mission to meet the needs of the Northern Emirates, the UAE, and the broader region. AURAK’s areas of research focus on:

  • Science, engineering, and technology
  • Health and technology
  • Business and economic development
  • Cultural development
  • Education and pedagogy
  • Environment and sustainability

The University has set the following research goals:

  • Increase the amount, scope, and quality of research and scholarship at AURAK
  • Increase research funding through external grants
  • Establish and promote a culture of research at AURAK
  • Encourage student research
  • Expand internal financial and other forms of support for faculty and student research

The university encourages and supports involvement of its faculty in conducting scientific research through seed grants, financial support to participate in conferences, and reduction of teaching load for its faculty who are active in research.

I hope you will take the time to know more about the School of Graduate Studies and Research and discover how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Prof. Bilal Akash

Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

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