RAK Research & Innovation Center

Vision & Mission


The vision of RAK Research and Innovation Center is to be a leader in cutting edge applied research and innovation in the UAE and GCC region.


To undertake applied research and innovation that is customer centered and that offer solutions to sustainability problems. Through research and innovation, services and business partnership we provide our clients with high standards solutions for improvement and development.


RAK Research and Innovation center is a state of art R&D center specializing in sustainable system solution development related to solar technologies. This center is the succession of research platform developed by the CSEM in 2007 when the Government of Ras Al Khaimah allocated to CSEM-uae 87000 m² of land in the industrial zone to build a world unique Solar R&D facilities open to co-operation with world leading academic, technology and industrial development centers. Solar-Island prototype was proposed. It was designed to evaluate technologies to build cost effective solar power plants.

Today this facility includes 7 R&D test platforms focusing on Photovoltaic, Solar cooling, Solar Hybrid minigrid, Green building, Solar water desalination, Solar Island and Concentrated Solar Power.

RAK Research and Innovation center acts as a bridge between Academics and Industry’s new product development. Each year we offer top level opportunity to highly selected master and PhD students from leading European universities to participate in application driven projects in our state of art facility. Our Senior R&D Engineers operate very closely to industry; developing competitive solution to renewable energy. Moreover we incorporate students in well defined fragments of the projects controlling their confidentiality.

RAK Research and Innovation center is also active in the field of consultancy, performance tests, technology integration, energy auditing, system development and technology transfer to the industry.


RAK Research and Innovation Center is one of the centers that belongs to the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK); organizational chart is shown below. The director of RAK Research and Innovation Center reports directly to AURAK president. All administrative and financial activities in the center go through the same cycle as AURAK.

Our Team

Prof. Mousa Mohsen

Director – RAK Research and Innovation Center

Phone: Tel. Ext. 1203

Hadil Al Balushi

Senior HR Executive

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Muhammad Riyaz

IT Security Administrator

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Najah Hussein Yousef Alwanni

Marketing Manager

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Uday Kumar

Instructor- Chemical Engineering

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Zaki Iqbal

Senior R&D Engineer

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Waqar Ullah Kazimi

R&D Electrical Engineer

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Omar Bilal Akash

R&D Engineer

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Ahmad Amhani

R&D Engineer

Phone: +971 7 2446929

Our Campus

American University of
Ras Al Khaimah Road,
Ras al Khaimah, UAE
PO Box: 10021

Contact Us

Tel. :  + 971 7 2210 900
Fax :  
+ 971 7 2210 300
Mail:  info@aurak.ac.ae

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