Senior R&D Engineer from RAK Research and Innovation Center invited to give a Guest lecture at University of Bolton

15th March 2017,

Zaki Iqbal, Senior R&D Engineer at RAK Research and Innovation center was invited by University of Bolton to present a guest lecture on the Renewable Energy and its current trends. The lecture was attended by the 3rd and final year Mechanical and Electrical students and their faculty. Mr. Iqbal presented the detailed insight on the renewable energy in general and solar PV industry in specific. He elaborated on the current market situation and their trends, emphasized on the Solar PV economics as of 2016-2017. He also elaborated on the Renewable storage and the way it is revolutionizing the renewable market with the current shift towards Electric Vehicle and the residential power storage being experimented in many parts of the world. Most of the automotive manufacturer are now making their version of EV with Tesla on the lead and the research and development trends of EV focused towards the vision 2030. Finally he discussed about the Renewable employment and how the renewable sector are helping create jobs around the globe. The lecture was well received by the students and the faculty and they showed great interest to visit the center to know more about the research initiative in the field of solar.