Collaborative workshop between RAKRIC & ADQCC

March 23, 2017, 

RAK Research and Innovation Center has successfully conducted a workshop on “High Solar reflective Index Materials – Weathering Tests and Certification to Gulf Environmental Conditions”. This workshop is a collaborative effort between Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity council (ADQCC) and RAKRIC to provide insights into importance of natural outdoor exposure testing, relevant standards and certification process.  The workshop witnessed participation from around 15 industries specialized in production of high SRI paints/coatings used for green building projects in UAE.

The workshop begin with opening remarks from the chief guest Prof. Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, president of AURAK and Prof. Mousa Mohsen, dean of the School of Engineering and director of RAKRIC.  This followed up by a brief presentation by Waqar Ullah, R&D Engineer at RAKRIC about various Green building research activities and infrastructure development to support regional manufacturers. Salem Al Qassimi, director of ADQCC product conformity department  gave a talk on various product conformity assessment activates, while Dr. Simon Hugh Miller, Conformity specialist from ADQCC presented in depth about certification schemes related to high SRI materials (Paints/coatings, Hardscape materials).

Ian Edwards, specialist from Q-Lab Europe Ltd., presented about outdoor natural, accelerated weathering tests conducted at benchmark weathering locations in USA and the challenges to develop such infrastructure tailored to gulf environmental conditions. A research case study on testing high SRI paints/coatings was presented by Uday Kumar, Sr. R&D Engineer at RAKRIC followed up by an elaborated discussion on pathways to develop Gulf Cool Roof rating council. Finally a site visit was organized for the participants to show the newly developed testing facility at RAKRIC providing “Natural outdoor weathering services”.