Academic Support Services

Center for Teaching, Learning & Instructional Technology


AURAK will be the best campus for learning in the UAE.


  • Support and scaffold professors in their teaching and students in their learning.
  • Research and highlight best practice internationally and on the AURAK campus.
  • Design and create course content and test the results.
  • Train and tutor faculty in pedagogy through open and certified courses.
  • Search for and contribute to research funding that supports teaching and learning.


  • Bryn Holmes – Director

Dr. Bryn Holmes knew from an early age that she wanted to travel the world and discover as much as she could for as long as she could.  She has always loved challenges and so has a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. She loves the chance to do things in new ways and thus has published a book on e-learning. She enjoys different cultures and has taught and researched for over 15 years in Ireland, the UK, Japan, Canada and now the UAE at AURAK.


International Research and Case Studies in Teaching and Learning
Highlighting Learning at AURAK
Illuminating Teaching at AURAK
Tutoring Services

Peer Tutors: Fall 2016


Name Tutoring Subject Location
Assamahou Malika.N.N English/French Building F
Wajeeha Omer ENGL 100, 101 & ELP 2 Building F
Nour Merabet ENGL 100, 101 & ELP 2 Building F
Denisa Alexe English Building F
Aktham Al Chaar Math Building F
Mahmoud Kouja Math Building F
Rasha Ashik MATH 108, 093, 111 Building F
Haneen Al Zoubi PHYS 220, 110 Building F
 Batoul Chamali CIEN 211, PHYS 110  Building F
 Moath Ismail Mohammed Khodour CHEM 211, 215, 111  B 120
 Reema Alghefari  CHEM 215  Building F
 Nada Anwar  BIOL 100, 112,114, 230, 270  Building F
Sana SY UNIV 100  Building F
 Bahja Said Aden  UNIV 100 Building F
 Sohana Intasar Siddiqua  Economics  Building F
 Mickson Kygha Economics/Business Courses  Building F
 Aisha El Allam  CSCI112, 113, ITEC 103, English Building F
 Aisha El Allam  C++ Building F
 Abdulhadi Hamza Al Shamali Student 1st Year Experience  Building F
The Writing Center

The AURAK Writing Center offers inspiration, instruction, workshops and resources for students and faculty to improve their writing. Dr. Bryn Holmes is also available to run workshops or come to your class to present to students.

While the main focus of the center is to help students write better academic papers, the center is also open to aiding students and faculty with a wide variety of writing, including creative writing and grant writing, among others.

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