Foundation Program


The goals of the Foundation Program embed the threefold objectives of empowering students through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competence in terms of autonomy and responsibility, self-development and role in context. The program aims to develop self-directed individuals who:

  • can communicate clearly and effectively in writing and speech and understand the strategies required to impact diverse audiences
  • can use mathematical and empirical reasoning to interpret data, make informed decisions and solve problems
  • will be aware of computing skills and application software to access, locate, and use electronic data and information for a variety of purposes and present them effectively
  • can engage in lifelong learning through the acquisition of the appropriate knowledge, skills and competence through active learning processes
  • can gain entry into university of their choice and progress incrementally through their academic life

The Foundation Program provides courses in English Language, Arabic Language, Mathematics, Information Technology andGeneral Study Skills to national and non-national students who wish to progress into non-federal higher education or post-secondary vocational training institutions, but do not have the appropriate credentials of high school certificate (Minimum of 60% required for direct entry to higher education). The acquisition of these credentials through the Foundation Program paves the way for progress into the undergraduate programs at AURAK or for transfer to other institutions in the UAE.

Students who complete the Foundation Program successfully will demonstrate the ability to:

  • communicate effectively with fluency and correctness in written and spoken forms and demonstrate competence in writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills to meet the requirements of admission to university
  • communicate with fluency in Arabic and engage in effective oral and written communication
  • engage in quantitative reasoning and application of numerical and mathematical skills
  • demonstrate knowledge of computer components, use of the internet and management of current computer software packages
  • apply their knowledge of study skills to perform effectively at university
  • develop the abilities to engage in lifelong learning, critical thinking, to create independent work, and work collaboratively

The Foundation Program comprises of five core components (courses):

English Communications

Arabic Communications

Mathematics (I and II)

Information Technology

General Study Skills
The Mathematics components will be available in two distinct pathways. Mathematics I will accommodate the need of learners intending to advance into arts/humanities/design and selected business programs. Foundation Mathematics II will be appropriate for those who wish to move into Higher Education programs in science/technology/engineering and the more quantitative business programs.   

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