Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management

The Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management is organized to deliver programs, services and activities that align with the university’s mission and support students as they pursue their programs of study at the university. To do so effectively and efficiently, the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management is supported by seven units; four of which are supervised by a manager, one by an officer, one by a nurse (contracted health services) and another by a bookstore assistant (contracted services). The units are: Department of Admissions, Department of the Registrar, Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Department of Student Life, Department of Internship, Career Development and Alumni Affairs, Health Services unit, and the Bookstore.

The Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management’s mission is to foster the well-being and development of students as whole persons, complementing and enhancing their academic skills while preparing them for leadership roles in a global society. Through programs and services, we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential ingredients of academic excellence and personal development.

The primary goal of the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management is to meet the needs of its students for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. It is committed to providing the means, opportunities, facilities, and support to create an environment in which students can be developed as socially active, aware individuals and well-rounded citizens of the world.

The services provided for student development are parallel to the development of AURAK as it evolves in terms of physical space and student numbers. While some services already exist at AURAK, they will be expanded and supplemented to achieve the following broad goals:

  • Formation of student clubs and forums will increase direct involvement of students in the AURAK community which will promote closer ties between students and their university.
  • AURAK hosts a diverse and multicultural student body. To ensure a healthy, friendly, and integrated environment, events, programs, and activities revolve around AURAK’s commitment to multiculturalism. Various co-curricular and extras-curricular activities, lectures, workshops and sports activities are organized and student creativity and diversity are encouraged.
  • To ensure equal access for students with disabilities, AURAK provides services, facilities, and assistance for its students with special needs.
  • AURAK recognizes that parents and families play a critical role in the success of college students. Engagement with parents and families helps to build a wider AURAK family. We welcome family involvement in our University particularly their attendance in the Student Orientation.
  • AURAK promotes an environment of tolerance in which gender-related issues can be addressed. Planning includes offering forums, groups, and counseling to address concerns related to gender from professional development to personal and domestic needs.
  • Through education and training, AURAK assists students to become aware of issues related to alcohol and drugs and provides referral services when warranted.

The Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management wants to get students involved, keep them active, and have fun. There are numerous clubs, adventures, and community outreach opportunities to help students make friends and become good global citizens. It supports the University’s mission of student learning and personal development.

Student Services plays a vital role in the campus community by creating programs and providing services that are responsive to the personal, social, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the AURAK student community. It aims to ensure student success and to enhance learning and development by motivating and inspiring the student community to get involved in educational activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Students are encouraged to acquire skills and abilities which will help them become well-rounded individuals who will lead productive lives and deal effectively with personal and professional challenges in a global world. Student Services and Enrollment Management helps students better understand the University by clarifying and guiding them through its policies and procedures. It receives and addresses student concerns, complaints, and suggestions.

Additionally, students are encouraged to become very familiar with the AURAK Honor Code as it pertains to academic life. To learn more about the AURAK Honor Code click here.


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