Scholarship and Financial Aid

AURAK provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships and tuition reductions to qualified full-time students to help them achieve their educational goals.  To qualify for scholarship or tuition reduction consideration, an applicant must be an enrolled student and have paid their enrollment deposit.

The following programs are currently available to eligible students:

High School Merit Reduction

Students who graduate from high school (UAE secondary school or equivalent) with:

  • 95–100% will receive a reduction of 25% on their first academic year tuition fees.
  • 90–94.9% will receive a reduction of 20% on their first academic year tuition fees.

Sibling Reduction

AURAK provides a 20% tuition reduction for the sibling (or siblings) of an existing, fully-enrolled student in any undergraduate program at the University.  This reduction is valid on the condition that all siblings are enrolled at the University during the same semester.

To apply for the sibling reduction, fill in this form and bring it to the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid with the passport copy of the applicant siblings.

Embassy Reduction

The following embassies provide students with a tuition fee reduction.  Applying students must present a letter from their embassy.

  • Yemeni Embassy (15%)
  • Sudanese Embassy (15%)
  • Palestinian Embassy (20%)

Referral Incentives

Any full-time student at AURAK who recruits a new student to study at AURAK shall be entitled to remuneration.  For each new student recruited, the referring student will receive a 2.5% discount on the total tuition fees for the following semester.

Any student receiving a scholarship from a sponsor will be entitled to receive AED 360 for each new student they recruit.

University Merit Reduction (current AURAK students and transfer applicants)

Full-time (new and continuing) students with a CGPA of 3.6 are entitled to receive the university merit reduction of 15% on their next semester tuition fees.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

  • This scholarship is available to two students who fulfill the selection criteria and have a CGPA of 3.67 and above
  • The selection committee of the Chancellor’s Scholarship Award will select the two students who most fulfill the scholarship criteria.
  • The selected students will be eligible for a 50% scholarship payable toward their semester’s tuition fees.
  • Students who are receiving any other financial assistance in the form of a scholarship, corporate sponsorship, tuition reduction or any other funding are not eligible to receive the Chancellor’s scholarship.

Faculty/Staff Family Discount

The brother, sister, son or daughter of a full-time employee at AURAK that applies and successfully enrolls (conditional or full admission) is eligible for a 25% scholarship on their semester’s tuition fees, as long as the member of faculty or staff remains employed at AURAK.

To apply for Faculty/Staff Family Discount, fill in this form and bring it to the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

External Scholarships (UAE Nationals only)

  • Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence (SSPGE)
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
  • Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (Julphar)
  • RAK Bank
  • ADNOC Scholarship

External Scholarships (for all students)

  • RAK Charity

To apply for this scholarship, fill in this form and bring it to the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid with an admission letter and two passport size photos.

AURAK Partner Discount

Upon the presentation of a letter from the organization, the employees and their immediate family members of the following entities are eligible to receive a tuition reduction in the programs offered by the University:

  • Julphar
  • RAK Charity
  • Al Rahma Charity
  • RAK Bank
  • Stevin Rock
  • RAK Economic Department
  • RAK Medical University
  • RAK Hospital
  • Arabian Health Care Group
  • RAK Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • RAK Residence Department and Foreign Affairs Department
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • RAK Municipality
  • RAK Investment Authority
  • RAK Free Trade Zone Authority
  • Saqr Foundation for Charity
  • Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research
  • RAK Human Resource Department
  • RAK Tourism Development Authority
  • RAK Courts
  • Public Works and Services Department
  • Environment Protection & Development Authority
  • Protocol Department
  • Public Prosecution Department
  • Finance Department
  • Department of Economic Department
  • Department of Customs
  • RAK Royal Court (Diwan Al Amiri)
  • Electronic Government Authority
  • Department of Antiquities and Museums

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