Department of Student Life

The Department of Student Life (DSL), a unit in the Office of Student Services and Enrolment Management, was established to provide needed services to students as they navigate academic life at AURAK. The Department of Student Life provides comprehensive and impartial guidance and information about all aspects of life for an AURAK student.  It can help students with personal, academic, and financial issues or direct students to someone who can.

The DSL staff provide help, counsel, and support to student academics, activities, athletics, clubs and organizations, major events (including orientation and graduation), health services, disability services, services for international students, and anything else a student might need while they are here at AURAK. The DSL is also the central point of contact for the Student Government Association (SGA) and works closely with them to establish new clubs, and put forth the “voice” of the student in regards to academic issues.

Students can visit the office with any issue they may have, large or small. This office serves as a sounding board if students just need someone to listen and, to help guide them as they develop and mature through the educational process. This office also offers various opportunities for students to participate in both non-sport and sport activities offered on campus, be part of some student clubs/organizations, develop leadership skills, participate in various inter-college competitions and many other activities.

Community Engagement

Students at AURAK are provided the opportunity to serve the community by participating in various events on-campus and off-campus organized. Students are benefitted from such engagement through increasing their personal, interpersonal and social development, by becoming active and positive contributors to society and experiencing the joy of helping others.

Student Activities

At AURAK, we believe that extra-curricular learning experiences play a significant role in students’ professional and personal development by enhancing their social, leadership and organizational skills. We encourage students to become actively involved in university life by participating in extracurricular activities and student trips, and joining student clubs and organizations. In cooperation with the Student Government Association (SGA), the Department of Student Life oversees a wide range of activities for students throughout the year, aiming to introduce students to the immense cultural diversity of the UAE.  Some of the organized activities and events include Global Day, UAE National Day, visiting exhibitions, museum trips, movie nights and barbecues.

Sports Activities

The University sports facilities include a multipurpose hall, a well-equipped gymnasium with new workout machines, and several outdoor sports fields. The sports activities aim to develop and maintain physical fitness among all members of the University community by offering a variety of sports programs. Students participating in these sports activities have the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills.  Games, tournaments and friendly matches with other universities are regularly organized.

Student Accommodation

Students have access to four student residence halls, two for male students and two for female students that are adjacent to AURAK campus. These student residence halls provide a safe and comfortable environment conducive to students’ academic and social aspirations that supports the University’s academic mission.

The student residences consist of studio apartments. Each apartment is for double occupancy, but depending on availability, single occupancy can be arranged at an additional cost. Each apartment is furnished with two beds, two closets, two study tables, and easy chairs. All kitchenettes are equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave oven. There is a common living room with a television, sofas, chairs and coffee tables. The residence halls have washing machines for student use.  To apply for student residence accommodation, please visit the EDRAK website –

Student Center

The Student Center, located in Building G, is the heart of the student community. It is a place to meet fellow students and socialize.  Students can play table tennis, pool, and other indoor games.

Student Dining Services

Al Maraya offers a wide selection of tea, coffee, lattes, mochas, smoothies, and pastries apart from regular meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner. The service is available on all the days of the week, including the weekends in Building G.

Student Government Association

The SGA represents the student body, provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership, and serves as a liaison between the students and the University administration. It also plays an important role in planning and sponsoring student campus activities and events. The SGA consists of four executive members: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. As the student body expands, representative members will be added to the SGA and job responsibilities will change. The SGA constitution defines the SGA’s goals and objectives and establishes the roles and responsibilities of each SGA member. The constitution also defines the policies and procedures to follow for planning and organizing University events. The president of the SGA serves on the University Academic Affairs Council and Library Committee.

Clubs and Organizations

The Department of Student Life facilitates student growth through a variety of clubs. It supports activities to complement courses such as academic, civic, social, or recreational clubs for fun and leisure. Membership in these clubs not only helps students make new friends and meet people with common interests but it also helps them to acquire important skills such as leadership, team work, and event planning. The University encourages all students to establish or join clubs to explore or further their interests. All student organizations or clubs must be authorized and registered annually with the Department of Student Life. At least one officer of each student organization or club must meet with the Department of Student Life at the beginning of each semester to review the relevant policies and procedures. All clubs and organizations are required to submit their proposed events and activities along with the budget requirements for an academic year after approval and consultation of the faculty advisor at the beginning of the academic year. Student clubs/organizations must send a request at least three to four weeks prior to any event, depending on the size and scale of the event. Prior approval for use of campus facilities is required.

Health Services

It is mandatory that all enrolled AURAK students to have health insurance. UAE-based students who are covered by their parent’s health insurance policy or are covered by other health insurance schemes are required to provide proof of valid insurance coverage to the Department of Finance when paying their tuition fees to be exempted from the university insurance. UAE nationals who are covered by the government health policy are also exempted from the university insurance.

If a student does not show proof of health insurance, the manager of the Department of Human Resources will supply information concerning local health coverage. Both preventive and daily health care and education designed to support the physical and emotional health of students are provided to students by the nurse at the health clinic. Services also include treatment for minor health emergencies and conditions, dispensing medication for minor health problems, providing individuals with medical referrals. Health experts are also invited from time to time to give lectures at AURAK about issues related to the overall well-being of the students.


The AURAK bookstore is located in Building D. In addition to all required textbooks, the bookstore also sells stationery supplies, non-textbooks, notebooks and other general gift items. Operating hours are posted on the bookstore door.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities may find that they require additional support, services or considerations if they are to realize their potential as students at AURAK. The University will endeavor to support students with disabilities or special needs where resources are available. Reasonable requests for accommodation will be made for students with disabilities so that they may have equal access to educational programs, services, and activities. Such students should contact the Department of Student Life Director to discuss their needs.

Personal Counseling

AURAK offers one-on-one personal counseling services. The counselor’s role is to assess the problem and provide support and guidance for students experiencing personal problems. The confidentiality of the counseling sessions is protected by the counselor’s code of ethics. For some students, one conversation is all they need to make things better, while others may return for several appointments. The counselor provides referrals to qualified, certified, and experienced counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists equipped to aid students with psychological problems, learning disabilities, and/or other serious issues.

Transportation Facilities

The university offers a free daily bus service which operates to and from the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

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