Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at AURAK offers a cutting-edge education that prepares students for the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Electrical and electronics engineers play a crucial role in shaping modern society, from developing integrated circuits that control electronic devices to designing vast telecommunications systems and electric power grids that span across nations. This dynamic field offers many challenges and opportunities that require a broad educational background and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Our Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at AURAK is tailored to equip students with the theoretical foundation, technical skills, and practical experience required to meet the high demand for well-trained engineers in this field. The program graduates will be able to bring ideas to life using scientific knowledge to develop new technologies and innovative solutions.

Our highly accomplished faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from premier universities and industries worldwide, creating a vibrant and supportive learning environment. Our state-of-the-art labs provide hands-on experience in designing and building electrical and electronic systems, giving our graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

Join us at the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and be part of a dynamic and exciting field that presents endless possibilities for your future career.

Introduction of EECE Department Laboratories

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering program includes several experimental laboratory courses. In these courses, students gain practical training that enables them to grasp and apply the various concepts and skills needed for the workplace. Held in the Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering department laboratories, these courses are used to give the student hands on experience in a variety of topics that include electric circuits, electronics, MatLab programing, signals and systems, control systems, digital design, Electric Machines and analog and digital communication systems.

EECE Laboratories

ECE Laboratory I (Room G330)

This Lab is used by Senior students to design, build and test working models for their Senior Design Project courses (EEEN 492 /493) and Undergraduate Research Projects (ENGR 399). It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic components, equipment and measurement devices in addition to various simulation software. Related courses:

  • Senior Design Projects I (EEEN 492)
  • Senior Design Projects II (EEEN 493)
  • Undergraduate Research Project (ENGR 399)

General Safety Rules

ECE Laboratory II (Room G329)

This Lab is used to provide students with hands on experience that enables them to grasp and apply the various concepts they learn in theory. It is equipped with advanced experimental kits that cover electric circuits, electronics, control systems, digital design, Electric Machines and analog and digital communication systems. Related courses:

  • Electric Circuit Analysis I Lab (EEEN 281)
  • Electrical Circuit Analysis II Lab (EEEN 283)
  • Digital System Design Lab (EEEN 332)
  • Linear Electronics I Lab (EEEN 334)
  • Electric Machines Lab (EEEN 351)
  • Linear Electronics Lab II (EEEN 434)
  • Control Lab (EEEN 452)
  • Communication Engineering Lab (EEEN 461)

General Safety Rules

Computer Programming Laboratory I and II (Room G202)

This laboratory is used for design and simulations using MatLab. Related courses:

  • Signal & Systems I Lab (ECEN 221)
  • Signal & Systems II Lab (ECEN 321)

Ali Al Ataby
Dr. Ali Al-Ataby

Department Chair, Associate Professor - Electronics Engineering

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Prof. Maen
Prof. Maen Takruri

Director of Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence Center/ Professor - Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Dr. Maissa Farhat

Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Beza Negash Getu

Associate Professor – Electronics and Communications Engineering

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5-Hussain Attia
Dr. Hussain Attia

Assistant Professor-Electronics Engineering

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Last Updated: 08 Mar 2024

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