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بكالوريوس العلوم في التسويق


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بكالوريوس العلوم في التسويق


التسويق هو النشاط ومجموعة المؤسسات والعمليات التي تؤدي إلى خلق ونقل وتقديم وتبادل المنتجات والخدمات التي تتمتع بالقيمة بالنسبة للعملاء والشركاء والمجتمع ككل.


The mission of the marketing department is to equip students with marketing knowledge and skills to develop specialized marketing professionals. This department is committed to fulfilling this mission by creating a unique teaching collaborative environment that takes into consideration professors, students, and marketing professionals where marketing aspects become their common interest. Further, continual improvement of teaching methods, intellectual contributions, and services are integral part of the department’s mission.

Program Educational Objectives

The graduate of the Marketing Program is expected to:
1. Pursue a successful professional career in local and regional markets or higher studies in the field of Marketing;
2. Develop an appreciation and understanding for marketing in different cultures and countries;
3. Develop marketing strategies based on key consumer dimensions including buying behaviors, existing attitudes, and amenabilities to different marketing strategies; and
4. Develop promotional strategy skills including product/service, customer analysis, and interactive personal selling skills.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

On completion of the BS-BA Marketing program major, graduates will be expected to have achieved the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Knowledge of key accounting concepts and recognition of the relevance of financial accounting and reporting in business decision-making.
  2. Knowledge of prime issues in accounting, as well as an awareness of the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards on accounting practice.
  3. The ability to evaluate, aggregate and synthesize knowledge relating to the accounting function, from diverse sources, for the benefit of the organization
  4. Knowledge of current financial and managerial accounting theories, techniques, and methods.
  5. Knowledge of auditing and fiscal control measures within the context of manual and electronic accounting information systems.
  6. The ability to prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements for business organizations and other corporate entities.
  7. Enhanced communications and presentations skills, in an accounting context, and in the wider business environment.
  8. Effective use of IT resources and software, including bespoke or off-the-shelf accounting software, spreadsheets and databases, for various accounting applications.
  9. Capability to act professionally in an accounting work setting, particularly in ensuring the integrity of financial and other organizational information.
  10. The development and enhancement of professional accounting skills, based on selfreflection, critical analysis and personal development.
  11. An ability to think creatively and critically when tackling accounting problems, within a collaborative, team-based, environment.

فرص العمل

تتضمن الأعمال التي يمكنكم الاستفادة فيها من شهادتكم كلاً من:

  • منظم فعاليات
  • مستشار الشؤون العامة
  • تنفيذي حساب العلاقات العامة
  • مسؤول العلاقات العامة
  • تنفيذي حساب ترويج المبيعات

تتضمن الأعمال المتعلقة بشهادتكم بشكل مباشر كلاً من:

  • تنفيذي حساب الإعلان
  • مخطط حساب الإعلان
  • محرر الإعلان
  • باحث في السوق
  • تنفيذي تسويق
  • مشتري مواد إعلامية
  • مخطط مواد إعلامية

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