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بكالوريوس العلوم في إدارة الموارد البشرية


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بكالوريوس العلوم في إدارة الموارد البشرية

تختص إدارة الموارد البشرية بعملية توظيف وتنمية مهارات الموظفين لضمان تأدية دورهم الفعّال في المنظمة التي يعملون فيها. ويشتمل هذا على إجراء تحليلات العمل، وتخطيط الاحتياجات الشخصية، وتوظيف الشخص المناسب في المكان المناسب، والتعريف بالعمل، والتدريب، وتقييم الأداء، وفض النزاعات.


In line with the mission of the university, the mission of the Human Resource Management program is to prepare knowledgeable, skilled, globally-oriented, and ethical graduates prepared for entrance into business, government, other professions, and/or for entrance into graduate programs.

Program Educational Objectives

Program educational objectives speak to what alumni of the program will accomplish. It is suggested that the section speak to alumni rather than graduates as the latter may refer only to the most recent year of completion. This section might also be titled, “Program Goals.”

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. On completion of the BS-BA HRM program major, graduates will be expected to have achieved the following program learning outcomes:
  2. Knowledge of current thinking and practice pertaining to human resource management withina range of organizational contexts;
    Knowledge of what is required to develop the human resource within a company in a sustainable
  3. The ability to evaluate, aggregate, and synthesize knowledge relating to people management functions from diverse sources for the benefit of the organization;
  4. The ability to assist in solving people management problems by formulating viable solutions at both higher-strategic and operational levels;
  5. A suite of transferable people management skills coupled with specific human resource domain expertise in core areas;
  6. Enhanced business communications and presentations skills suited to an increasingly globalized and culturally diverse occupational environment;
  7. The ability to work autonomously when required in positions of responsibility and/or support for the human resource management function within organizations;
  8. Professional management and leadership skills based on self-reflection, critical analysis, and personal development of desirable management attributes; and
  9. An ability to think creatively and critically when performing human resource-related problems, within a collaborative, team-based environment.

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