Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

AURAK’s Faculty Senate convened for the first time in September 2015. A representative body benefitting from the collective wisdom of faculty, the Senate provides a forum through which faculty may share in the governance of AURAK. It deliberates issues and policies and sends its recommendations to the Provost for further consideration. If deemed necessary, it can also advocate on behalf of faculty. In brief, the Senate plays a vital role as the point of contact between all faculty and AURAK’s upper administration.

Senate Members: AY 2020 – 2021

Position Name Department
Chair Dr. Fathia Elmenghawi Architecture
Vice-Chair Dr. Daniel Christopher Schoch Finance
Secretary Dr. Kadhim Al Amara Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Member Name Departmental Affiliation
Prof. Stephen Wilhite Vice President, Academic Affairs & Student Success / Provost
Dr. Eka Sediadi Architecture
Dr. Cijo Vazhappily Biotechnology
Dr. Sara Faiz Hanna Tasfy Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Fayez Moutassem Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Dr. Khouloud Salameh Computer Science and Engineering
Dr. Khaleda Al Mansoori English Language and Literature
Dr. Maissa Farhat Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Dr. Osama Khassawneh Management
Dr. Irshad Ahmad Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Dr. Kevin Konecny University Administration
Mr. Mohammad Jamal Farid Zaid Instructor
Dr. Mohammed Alnahhal Graduate Studies
Ms. Rebecca Renee Proko Graduate Students representative
Mr. Omar Sayed SGA representative
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