Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Program Duration: 2 Years
Method of teaching: Blended Learning (50% On Campus and 50% Online)

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program prepares students to become effective business managers and leaders of the future. The program achieves this by providing basic and advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of business management. The program requires students to complete thirty-six credits comprising core and elective courses.

Program Mission

Follows the School’s mission: to work with the AURAK ‘family’ to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders to be thoughtful, creative, collaborative and responsible with an ability to think critically, communicate their ideas clearly and take initiative in applying what they have learned. Backed by a diverse faculty committed to enrich their teaching and enhance their community impact by engaging in applied, cross-disciplinary, and pedagogical scholarship, the School offers programs based on the North American model and the cultural characteristics of the Gulf region in a student-centered teaching environment.

Program Goal

The overall aims of the program are:

  1. To impart contemporary knowledge, and provide an integrated background in advanced concepts, frameworks and methodologies underpinning the high-level management of
  2. To afford candidates the opportunity to concentrate on specific areas and issues within the business It also seeks to encourage life-long learning beyond the duration of the program.
  3. To enhance professional communications skills and peer-based interaction, through its curriculum and associated group-based coursework.

Program Learning Outcomes                

On successful completion of this program the graduate will be able to:

PLO1 Evaluate core business knowledge for the effective functioning of local and international organizations across business sectors

PLO2 Enhance strategic leadership role through application of program knowledge for analyses of corporate strategies

PLO3  Assess effectiveness of corporate governance, ethical functioning, and socially responsible organizational behavior.

PLO4 Develop skills of collaborative decision making through teamwork and leadership to communicate complex business requirements to organizational personnel and stakeholders.

PLO5 Produce critical and entrepreneurial thinking to support decision-making for business innovation and sustainability.

PLO6 Integrate research principles and techniques with prior work experience to execute a major business project.

PLO7 Combine personal reflection with program learning for professional development to executive level.

Two Year Plan

First Year
First Semester – Fall

Course No. Description Lecture Lab. Credit Hours
EMMG 510 Leadership and Managing People 3 0 3
EMFN 514 Managerial Finance 3 0 3
EMMG 515 Strategic Management 3 0 3

Total: 9 Credits

Second Semester (Spring)

Course No. Description Lecture Lab. Credit Hours
EMMI 520 Managing Information Systems Performance 3 0 3
EMAC 512 Managerial and Financial Accounting 3 0 3
EMMK 518 Marketing Management 3 0 3

Total: 9 Credits

Second Year
First Semester – Fall

Course No. Description Lecture Lab. Credit Hours
EMIB 524 International Business 3 0 3
EMGN 525 Research Methods for Business 3 0 3
 — EMBA Elective Course* 3 0 3
 — EMBA Concentration Course** 3 0 3

Total: 9 Credits

Second Semester – Spring

Course No. Description Lecture Lab. Credit Hours
EMGN 545 MBA Investigative Study – Project or Seminar Based (Capstone) 3 0 3
EMOM 522* Production, Operations, and Supply Chain Management* 3 0 3
 — EMBA Elective Course* 3 0 3
 — EMBA Concentration Course** 3 0 3
 — EMBA Concentration Course** 3 0 3

Total: 9 Credits

* Generalist Strand
** Specialist Strand

Elective Courses

Course No. Description Credit Hours
Finance Concentration
EMFN 560 International Corporate Finance 3
EMFN 562 Investment Planning & Management 3
EMFN 564 Financial Markets & Institutions 3
International Business Concentration
EMFN 570 International Marketing 3
EMFN 572 International Human Resource Management 3
EMFN 574 International Finance 3
Information Systems Management Concentration
EMFN 580 Managing Enterprise Information Systems 3
EMFN 582 Managing Corporate Networks and Databases 3
EMFN 584 Information Systems Project Management 3
Human Resources Management Concentration
EMFN 590 Applied and Strategic Human Resource Management 3
EMFN 592 Managing Change and Innovation 3
EMFN 594 Employee Relations and Compensation Management 3




Faculty Profiles

Prof. Linzi Kemp
Professor of Management - Graduate Program Director
Building H 302 C
Ext: 8774
Dr. Baliira Kalyebara
Department Chair / Associate Professor – Finance
Building H-302E
Ext: 8779
Dr. Mohamed Mahdi
Department Chair / Associate Professor - Management
Building H-302D
Ext: 8782
Dr. Haileslasie Tadele
Associate Professor - Finance
Building H-316
Ext: 8768
Dr. Vazeerjan Begum
Associate Dean / Associate Professor – Business Administration
Building H-301D
Ext: 8772
Dr. Atif Butt
Associate Professor - Management
Building H-315
Ext: 8783
Dr. Tahseen Arshi
Associate Professor / Director - The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Building H-324
Ext: 8764
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