Faculty Outreach Community Profiles

Faculty Outreach Community Profiles



Professor Joseph L. Wallis

Professor Joseph L. Wallis

Dean, School of Business

Professor Joseph L. Wallis currently serves as Dean of the School of Business at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah. During his academic career which encompasses appointments at universities in South Africa, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, he was able to launch a program of scholarly research and professional consulting that has become increasingly cross-disciplinary and now encompasses the areas of economics, public administration, public policy, leadership and ethics.  Drawing from his research, teaching and professional consulting experience, he would like to offer to the business community presentations or consultation in the following areas:

  • The AACSB Journey: What the Process of Business Accreditation can do for Business Schools and the Communities in which they are embedded;
  • Appreciative Inquiry as a Strategic Intervention in the Process of Cultural Change at an Organizational Level;
  • Mindfulness and the Leadership of Cultural Change in Organizations.

Dr. Wael Mostafa

Dr. Wael Mostafa

Associate Professor – Accounting, Department of Accounting & Finance

Dr. Wael is an Associate Professor of Accounting in the School of Business at The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK). He received his PhD in Accounting and Finance from the University of Durham, UK. He has spent the bulk of his career researching, and teaching (and supervising) accounting subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different countries including Egypt, the UK, Bahrain, and Oman.

 His experience in teaching enables him to maintain a positive, relaxed attitude while lecturing and to perform other academic work in an effective way. In addition, beside Consulting Services, he performed several Training Courses in Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis to different large companies in Egypt.

Dr Wael’s primary area of research is in the field of market-based accounting research (MBAR); and his main area of research is the information content (value relevance) of accounting information, while also pursuing his interest in research in earnings management, quality of earnings, and accounting conservatism. He has published many high quality research papers in international referred journals (indexed in Scopus).

Based on his research, teaching and professional consulting experience, as outlined above, he would like to offer to the business community presentations or consultation in the following areas:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounting Information systems
  • Auditing
Dr. Vazeerjan Begum

Dr. Vazeerjan Begum

Assistant Professor – Management Coordinator of Assessment and Undergraduate Scheduling, Advisement, & Recruitment (CAUSAR) Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator – School of Business

Dr. Vazeerjan Begum currently serves as an Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator and Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the School of Business, American University of Ras Al Khaimah. She has been supporting the School of Business in the successful accomplishment process of international accreditations like SACSCOC, AACSB and the local accreditation of CAA.

She has fifteen years of diversified experience in teaching, institutional effectiveness, training, and research, in the various universities in UAE, to name a few, University of Wollongong, Dubai, University of Bolton, Murdoch University, Middlesex University, etc.

In her previous appointments, she has served in several administrative positions including Dean of Continuing Education & Professional Development, Director of Undergraduate Program, Manager of Pearson BTEC, UK Level 5 & 7 Business Management Programs, Program Lead of Undergraduate & Graduate Programs, and University of Bolton.

Dr. Vazeerjan is the author of a number of research articles in peer reviewed journals of international repute. She has participated and presented papers in a number of international conferences and workshops in UAE, Malaysia, Srilanka, Pakistan, and India.

Her areas of research interest include Strategic Management, HRM and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Her research papers have been published in refereed and international journals indexed in Scopus, and have ABDC, ABS rankings.

Dr. Vazeerjan Begum earned her Ph. D. degree with a major in Management from Mother Teresa Women’s University.Based on her research, teaching and institutional effectiveness experience, she wishes to extend her knowledge to the business community trainings, workshops, or consultation in the following areas:

  • Green HRM Practices & Their Implementation In UAE – Vision 2021
  • Brunt of work milieu on the performance of employees in UAE
  • Work Life Balance impediments of Professional Emirati Women
Dr. Baliira Kalyebara

Dr. Baliira Kalyebara

Assistant Professor – Finance Chair, Department of Accounting & Finance

Dr. Baliira is Assistant Professor and a Chair of Accounting & Finance Department at American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) in UAE. Dr. Baliira holds a PhD in finance from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. Before Dr. Baliira joined academia, he worked as internal auditor, external auditor and high school teacher in accounting. Dr. Baliira has been involved in teaching business courses and working as an auditor or financial accountant for over 35 years.

Dr. Baliira’s PhD focused on multi-objectives investment appraisal using Solver software in the airline and e-commerce industries.  Dr. Baliira has co-authored a book published as a contribution to Management Science titled:Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, and Capital Budgeting: An Integrated Approach by Springer Company.

Dr. Baliira has published journal articles in a number of international journals.

Based on his experience, Dr. Baliira would like to contribute to the community through conducting workshops and consultations on long-term investment and financing decisions to RAK business community.

Dr. Mohamed Mahdi

Dr. Mohamed Mahdi

Assistant Professor – Management Chair, Department of Management

Dr Mohamed-Osman Shereif Mahdi Abaker serves as Chair of the Department of Management at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah.

Dr Mohamed holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. He spent most of his career in teaching at the university postgraduate and undergraduate levels in different countries including United Kingdom, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Mahdi served as an external examiner, a reviewer and an editorial board member for a number of regional and international journals.

He authored and co-authored papers in international and regional refereed journals and presented papers at various international conferences in UK, Australia, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Oman, Beijing and Colombo respectively. His research areas of interest are in the Organizational Change Management including strategies, technology and innovation; Organizational Behaviour including culture. Drawing from his research, teaching and professional experience, he would like to offer to the business community presentations or consultation in the following areas:

  • The importance of the Educational Portal to the university stakeholders.
  • The impact of organizational policies and practices on diversity management
Dr. Haileslasie Tadele

Dr. Haileslasie Tadele

Assistant Professor – Finance, Department of Accounting & Finance

Dr. Haileslasie Tadele is an Assistant Professor of Finance in the School of Business at American University of Ras Al Khaimah. Dr. Haileslasie has a multidisciplinary background in accounting, finance and development economics. He has a broad teaching experience in courses such as financial management, Financial Accounting, Business Finance, Financial statement Analysis, Personal finance and Corporate Finance and previously taught in Ethiopia and New Zealand.

Dr. Haileslasie’s main research interest focuses on Microfinance, Development finance, financial innovation, financial literacy and corporate finance including, Corporate Governance and capital structure, with a prime focus on financial institutions.

Dr Haileslasie’s work has appeared in reputable international journals such as Applied Economics, Pacific-Based Finance Journal and International Journal of Corporate Governance. He serves as a reviewer for International Journal of emerging markets.

Dr. Haileslasie would like to offer to the business community presentations, trainings and consultations in the following areas:


  • CEO and risk taking. What leadership personalities and skills are important in risk management?
  • The role of Microfinance in financial inclusion and development.
  • Socially responsible investment: Does it create or destroy value?

Training workshops

  • Financial risk management
  • Finance for non-financial managers


  • Financial statements analysis
  • Financial analysis and valuation
Dr. Atif Saleem Butt

Dr. Atif Saleem Butt

Assistant Professor, Management Department of Management

Dr. Atif Saleem Butt is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, where he teaches management courses to the undergraduate, MBA and EMBA classes. He holds PhD in Supply Chain Management from Monash University, Australia. He has taught at the university postgraduate and undergraduate levels in countries including the United Kingdom, China and Australia. He was also employed at Monash University, Department of Management, where he worked as a research assistant on a project entitled “Process Innovation in Australian Manufacturing Sector”. His research focuses on behavioral aspects in buyer-supplier relationships in Supply Chains. Dr. Atif has published in well-regarded scholarly journals including Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal and The Journal of Developing Areas. He has also presented his research in international conferences including Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management, and currently has an emerging track record with papers under review at esteemed journals including Production, Planning and Control to name a few. Based on his academic and industry experience, he is able to provide consultancy services to key business stakeholders in an area of: Optimizing Operations and Supply Chain Practices in Business to Business and Business to Consumer Context

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