” Our graduate programs are accredited and aim to prepare graduates for the demands of professional career in industry, academia, government or services worldwide. The diverse and multicultural intellectual environment built by AURAK faculty, staff and students provides basis for our graduates to excel in there professional life ”


Prof. Bilal Akash

Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

School of Graduate Studies & Research


About the School of Graduate Studies and Research


The School of Graduate Studies and Research at the American University of Ras al Khaimah coordinates all policies and procedures related to the university’s four graduate programs that are offered through the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Engineering.

Upon receiving a complete application, the Department of Admissions coordinates with the School of Graduate Studies and Research to determine if the applicant meets the general university requirements. Graduate Admission Committees for each degree program will review the applications of those applicants who meet the general requirements and make recommendations to the School of Graduate Studies and Research. The Graduate Studies Committee, chaired by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, will make all final admissions decisions. The Department of Admissions will notify the applicant of the university’s final decision and provide all relevant information.

Our graduate programs are accredited with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and meet the highest international standards. Our graduates will be well-prepared for the professional challenges they will face in their careers. The programs engage relevant contemporary issues as well as crucial intellectual contexts. Students can expect to engage with one another and their professors in stimulating discussions and challenging assignments. They will study with experienced faculty coming from the best institutions of North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

AURAK Graduate Degree Programs:

As part of the university’s vision and mission, research and scholarship are taken very seriously at AURAK, and they are a critical component of the academic life of the university. In that spirit all faculty members are expected to be active in their fields. The university is committed to encouraging faculty to increase the volume of research and continually to enhance its quality. In this way the disciplinary fields advance, the faculty members develop intellectually, the students receive a richer education, the intellectual climate of the university is enhanced, and the reputation of the university is advanced.

The university is also committed to supporting the faculty’s research and scholarly activities through various offices and programs. The School of Graduate Studies and Research supervises AURAK’s research oriented programs and policies. The School of Graduate Studies and Research supports and makes available on a competitive basis small seed grants to faculty who demonstrate the need for modest financial support to initiate a project or more comprehensive grant proposal. The Sponsored Programs Office which is housed in the School of Graduate Studies and Research is responsible for the externally funded projects that assists faculty in identifying potential grants, preparing grant proposals and budgets, and administering grants that the faculty receive. The School organizes the AURAK Faculty Research Colloquia and promotes a culture of research and scholarship at the university and for the public. The School regularly provides faculty with information regarding call for papers and conference opportunities. The School encourages and supports faculty who publish their articles in journals that are indexed in Thomson ISI and Scopus by awarding them incentives.


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