Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture


Architecture is a specialized profession associated with design proposals and building technology implementation in both environments built and natural. Architectural curricula of AURAK is establishing an educational standards of architectural training along with the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), which is the sole organization certified to accredit U.S. professional degree of architecture worldwide: the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch). Presenting design ideas visually to our clients, architects need to work on design innovations and to build graphical communication skills thoroughly.However, in AURAK (American University of Ras Al Khaimah) Architecture, students are learning intensely about new design thoughts and to apply special design concepts for functional spaces in architecture. Students at AURAK are also communicating their ideas through multiple media to be able of preparing a variety of architectural drawings, building models and construction documents in details….


The Architecture Department at AURAK has a digital laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to support teaching and research activities in the main areas of construction and design.

Architecture Digital lab contains 18 PCs. Each PC is equipped with AutoCAD 2016; Revit 2016; 3ds Max 2016; Rhino 5 for windows, ADOBE Photoshop, ADOBE Indesign and CutePDF Writer. All computers are connected to Canon iPF785 plotter (max. paper width: 950 mm), Océ (Plot Wave 360) and Universal Laser System (Work Space size 80 cm x 45 cm).

  • Architecture studios: four studios equipped with workstations, lockers, drawing board with tools, drawing stand and data show


  • Digital Architecture studio: Equipped with CAD workstations, printers / plotters, laser cutter machine


General Safety Rules

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Liudmila Cazacova
Department Chair / Associate Professor - Architecture
Building B-128
Ext: 8706
Dr. Eka Sediadi
Associate Professor – Landscape Design - Sustainable Architecture
Building B-130
Ext: 8702
Prof. Amer Rghei
Professor – Architecture
Building B-126
Ext: 8703
Mr. Tawfiq Abu Hantash
Associate Professor of Architecture. Design, History and Theory / Advisor to the President for Campus Development
Building B-135
Ext: 8704
Dr. Eman Assi
Associate Professor - Urban Design
Building B-133
Ext: 8705
Dr. Anis Semlali
Associate Professor - Architecture
Building B-131
Ext: 8707
Dr. Fathia Elmenghawi
Assistant Professor – Architecture Design, Urban Planning and Urban Design
Building B-127
Ext: 8708
Ms. Kim Bennett
Virtual Adjunct Assistant Professor - Interior Design
Engr. Abeer Abu-Raed
Instructor – Architecture
Building B-129
Ext: 8709
Ms. Inshirah Shublaq
Teaching Assistant – Architecture
Architecture Design and Visualization Workshop
Ext: 8714
Mr. Arnold Uaje
Lab Engineer - Architecture Digital Lab
Architecture Design and Visualization Workshop
Ext: 8713
Ms. Lilas Alkoarit
Administrative Assistant - Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department, Department of Architecture
Building G-317
Ext: 8745 / 8710
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