AICHE Upcoming Events

Industrial Plant visits/tours

  • Powerplant, Nuclear Power Station
  • Soft Drinks Factory
  • Pesticides plant 

Educational activities

  • Computer Courses: computer programming, Matlab, Hysys and Polymath, EXCEL, etc
  • Academic Conference Attendance
  • Lectures/seminars by industry/faculty experts
  • Workshops with local industry experts
  • Joint subscriptions to industry journals 

Social events

  • Welcome Event for first semester students
  • Sports events – to promote camaraderie and physical activity in the ChE community
  • Presentations by industry experts/faculty followed by coffee, snacks
  • Faculty appreciation events

Community outreach

  • Charitable donations of food, clothing, baby supplies by school community to local organizations in need
  • Team participation in charity walk/run
  • Participation in recycling and other community environmental awareness projects and events


  • Poster competitions
  • Design competitions
  • ChE knowledge competitions

ChE & Chapter development and promotion

  • Promotion of AIChE competitions
  • Organizational/planning chapter meetings
  • Fundraising for chapter activities
  • Promotion of AIChE chapter at university fairs
  • Outreach workshop for local high school students

Liaison between ChE faculty and students

Our Campus

American University of
Ras Al Khaimah Road,
Ras al Khaimah, UAE
PO Box: 10021

Contact Us

Tel. :  + 971 7 2210 900
Fax :  
+ 971 7 2210 300

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