International Students

International Students

Dear International Students,

We understand that you are excited to join the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK). Start the process early in order to ensure that you can complete all the process in time. We recommend that you start your application process at least two months in advance.

Before you come to the UAE to study at AURAK, there are processes you will need to follow and information you will need. You can find much of this information within this section.

  1. Attestation of Documents

Admitted students are requested to submit officially attested education certificates (including transcripts) by the deadline mentioned in their admission letter to the Office of Admissions.  Although it is advised that students complete this before classes begin, students with certificates obtained outside the UAE may be given an extension until the end of their first semester of study. 


Once you arrive in UAE you will be required to complete the Certificate of Equivalency:

a. For a bachelor’s applicant an equivalency of your high school certificate will be required from the Ministry of Education in Dubai. 

b. For a master’s applicant an equivalency of your bachelor’s certificate will be required from the Ministry of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi. 

The attestations are required for high school transcripts, university transcripts (whether completed bachelor’s or incomplete for transfer students) along with the completion certificates, if any. 

  1. Student Residence Visa

The Office of Administration arranges student visas under the sponsorship of the University. Visas must be renewed every year.

The visa application requires:
• Eight (8) passport photos.
• Passport copy.
• Copy of the secondary school certificate.
• Payment of visa fee and security deposit for visa.  Click here for details.

All students applying for a residence visa must undergo medical tests conducted by the preventive health department of the RAK government and fingerprinting by the police department.  The medical tests include a blood test and an X-ray.  Failure to pass either one of the medical tests leads to deportation to country of origin.

Once the visa is issued the student is required to pay the full semester fee along with any other mandatory fees for the University.  Upon receiving the fees, the student visa can be collected at the airport upon arrival.

Students on an AURAK visa who discontinue their studies or transfer to another university must submit their passport for visa cancellation prior to departure.

Airport Welcome Service

  • AURAK can offer international students an airport pickup service.  The request is made via the Airport Pickup Form.  It is important to send this form at least four (4) working days before arrival. 
  1. English Preparation

The medium of instruction at AURAK is English.  All students are required to show a certain level of English proficiency to be able to join any academic program.  The requirements for English can be found here.

If the student is unable to demonstrate sufficient English proficiency, the University offers a number of English programs.

a. Intensive English Language Program

The English Language Program (ELP) at AURAK’s Teaching and Learning Center offers four different levels of English instruction, aimed at helping students acquire the necessary English language skills for academic success.  The primary goal of the program is to provide students with a thorough foundation in English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in order to achieve the required TOEFL/IELTS grades, as well as develop the necessary academic skills to succeed at AURAK.

b. Preparatory English Language Program

This is a four month intermediate level course in English that focuses on preparation for academic English.  This program is for students who have achieved the following scores in the English proficiency test: IELTS – Academic (4.5), TOEFL-IBT (32-34) or TOEFL paper-based (450-499).  These students will also be able to take two academic courses towards their chosen academic program.  It is mandatory to achieve the minimum English proficiency requirement to be able to enroll in the academic program as a full time student.

c. IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Courses

The University also offers preparation courses for IELTS and TOEFL at different times of the year.  AURAK is also an official IELTS testing venue.  Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to sit their examination at the University.

  1. Student Accommodation

Students have access to four residence halls: two for male students and two for female students.  The residence halls are adjacent to the AURAK campus and are managed by Ras Al Khaimah Education Company (EDRAK).  These student residence halls provide a safe and comfortable environment conducive to students’ academic and social aspirations.

The student residences consist of studio apartments.  Each apartment is for double occupancy, but depending on availability single occupancy can be arranged at an additional cost.  Each apartment is furnished with two beds, two closets, two study tables, and chairs. All kitchenettes are equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave oven.  There is a common room with a television, sofas, chairs and coffee tables.  The residence hall has washing machines for student use.

To apply for student accommodation, please visit EDRAK website:

  1. Study Abroad and Student Exchange

Open the door to the world and internationalize your AURAK degree

Would you like to realize your potential, push your boundaries and take a life-changing journey? Or perhaps you would like the potential for a better job when you graduate? To have a more marketable degree? To be better paid?

Whatever your motivation, participating on an exchange as part of your degree will open the door for you to fulfill your global potential.

Browse the International Students Programs section to find out where you can go, to obtain more information and see where in the world your AURAK degree can take you.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on:
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Fax Number: +971 7 2210 638
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