Placement Test

Placement Test

New Students can book their placement test through the Online Application after completing the Admissions Requirement.


The English Placement Test is primarily an assessment test – one that is designed to give you students and your English professors or teachers a quick way of assessing the approximate level of your knowledge or mastery of English grammar and usage. It is mandatory.  Your score in the placement test is used to advise you on the appropriate English course to take or place you to maximize your knowledge of writing and other English communication skills -speaking listening and reading.

Basic Information

In AURAK, the English Placement Test is administered to entering students as an assessment of their writing proficiency and English language skills. The purpose of the test is to place the students in the appropriate course, either ENGL 100 or ENGL 101 that is more suited to meet their needs and to ensure that they are successful in achieving the required objectives of the course.

Your performance in the English placement test gives a measure of your writing and other communication skills when you are starting your college or university studies.

In AURAK, the English placement test is required for all students who want to enroll in English 100 (ENGL100) or in English 101 (ENGL 101).

Test Description

The test should take about 30 minutes to complete.

You are usually required to write a short essay (approx. 500 words) on your choice out of about three essay topics.  Your essay is judged for its content, presentation and language use. The criteria that will be considered are:

  1. Organization: thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion
  2. Development of ideas through sequential and unified well developed paragraphs
  3. Provision of appropriate details supporting main points
  4. Correct grammatical usage and sentence structure
  5. Variety of word choice
  6. Correct spelling and punctuation

In your essay response to the writing test, you essentially demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the English language studied over the years from elementary school through the high school, and include the following:

Verb Problems – subject-verb agreement, tense consitency and weak construction; Pronoun Problems – consistency, case, agreement and reference; Diction Problems – diction and idiom; Modifier Problems – adjective and adverb form, placement and comparison; Sentence Problems – fragment, comma fault, parallelism, subordination, punctuation for clarity, economy, word order and logic.


There are helpful resources to use when preparing to do your English Placement Test/Exam.  Beside reading and studying well written essays, following web sites could be of use to you:


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