Six Participants win AURAK Creative Writing Competition

April 19, 2022,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s Department of Humanities & Social Sciences awarded six students, from various majors, for their winning contributions to the AURAK Creative Writing Competition Spring 2022 (ACWC) on March 22nd, 2022.

The awards ceremony recognized the winners with the Department Chair, Dr. Alexandria Proff, handing out the certificates.

The competition, which has fueled the imagination of the students, saw a number of short stories in Arabic and English written by the participants from all schools and programs.

The main theme of the competition was creative writing, aiming to provide students an opportunity to explore their potential by using any form of writing that is produced by a creative mind and to hone their writing and research skills.

The pieces which included narrative writing, fiction and non-fiction were judged on a number of elements, taking into consideration what criteria makes a good story, with perception, imagination and creativity, along with the use of language.

AURAK faculty who evaluated the pieces of writing included: Dr. Imed Louhichi, Chair of ACWC, Event Coordinator & English Scorer; Mr. Shadi Al Shidrawi, English Scorer, Plagiarism Checker and Marketing Coordinator; Dr. Khaleda Al Mansoori, Arabic Scorer and Event Coordinator; and Dr. Dina Antar, Arabic Scorer and Marketing Coordinator.