AI and Data Science Workshop Enhances AURAK Students and Scholars’ Knowledge

April 19, 2022,

The Office of Institutional Advancement in collaboration with AURAK Alumni Club at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) organized a workshop entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” conducted by Dr. Mohamad Medwani, Founder of Big Bang Data Science Solutions in the USA and Data Scientist for AURAK students, faculty and staff.

The workshop introduced our students and scholars to know more about what data science is, why we need it, what its purpose is and why it is essential in our life and career.

An 8-month free program was also conducted for AURAK students by Dr. Medwani, aiming to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills, in addition to, keep them updated with new information in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science field.

Following the success of the program, Dr. Medwani expressed, “I will be more than happy to conduct more talks in the field of Data Science and AI, as well as full day workshops and activities.”