The Consulate of the State of Kuwait Tours AURAK

April 15, 2019,

AURAK was honored by the Consulate of the State of Kuwait – Dubai with a visit from their Counselor and Head of the Cultural Attaché, Dr. Mordhi Obaid Ayash Alenezi, and the Academic Advisor of the Cultural Attaché, Mr. Al Daw Abdulqader.

The representatives visited AURAK to tour the campus, meet with Kuwaiti students, discuss with administration AURAK’s accreditation through ABET and the advantages Kuwait students would have in attending the University, and attend a presentation from President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim.

Prof. Hassan was excited by Dr. Mordhi Obaid Ayash Alenezi and Mr. Al Daw Abdulqader’s visit, “We are delighted to be able to serve and accommodate a substantial Kuwaiti student population in AURAK’s student body, and we look forward to facilitating the growth of that population here at AURAK.”