AURAK Announces Winner of Push-up Contest

April 19, 2020,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) announced the winner of its push-up contest, organized to keep the AURAK family fit during the precautions against the spread of COVID-19.

Ali Hasan Ali Almurawwi Alblooshi won with a score of 54 push-ups. Francis Smith was second with 40 and Mohammed Z. I. Zaqout was third with 39.

Participants had 90 seconds to do as many push-ups as they could manage.

Due to the closure of the campus and social distancing measures, all competition entries were submitted by via videos shot on mobile phones. An officer from the Department of Student Life checked the footage to make sure the push-ups were performed correctly.

Thirteen people took part in the contest, which was part of a series of physical challenges that AURAK is setting its students, staff, and faculty to keep them in shape during the restrictions against COVID-19. The contest took place between April 12 and 17.

Push-ups are good exercise because they increase functional strength via full body activation, enhance your cardiovascular system, increase whole-body muscle definition, improve your posture and stretch muscles for health and vitality.