AURAK Bids Farewell to Faculty

April 25, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) organized a farewell reception to say goodbye to beloved faculty members.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” is a well-known line from William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, and today the AURAK family genuinely understood the emotion behind Romeo’s parting line to Juliet in that they reluctantly sent the departing family members off with a farewell reception. Among the faculty leaving are the Vice President of Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness, and Accreditation, Dr. Ashok Kumar Kabi Satpathy, the Director of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, Dr. Eduardo Ali, the Dean of the School of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Mousa Mohsen, an Instructor of English, Ms. Jill Manoukian, an Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dr. Nowar Nizar Al-Ani, an Assistant Professor of Education, Dr. Winnifred O’Toole, an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Dr. Abdullah Sheikh, an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Dr. Ghulam Ali Arain, the Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dr. Hurrem Yilmaz, an Assistant Professor of Project Management, Dr. Ahmed Al Sharif, an Instructor of the Computer Science and Engineering Lab, Engr. Shereen Subhi Ismail, and an Instructor of the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Lab, Eng. Nour Alobaidi.

The reception began by honoring the leaving faculty with the presentation of a heartfelt video featuring the departing faculty. President Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim then stood and thanked the faculty members for their devoted service to AURAK, reassuring them that even in their absence, “they are and will continue to be members of the AURAK Family.” Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success and Provost, Professor Stephen Wilhite, closed his speech by reminiscing in interactions and describing the enjoyment he experienced with each faculty member. He left the members with words of his gratitude, “I have been enriched through my interactions with you, and AURAK has been enriched by your service.”

Each faculty member was given a token of appreciation from AURAK to take with them on their future journeys and to remember the time they spent as an AURAK Tahr with the University’s best wishes. The event closed with a reception and farewell cake.