AURAK Offers Emirati Students Fulbright Scholarship Program

April 25, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Department of International Programs and Partnerships (DIPP), hosted a delegation visit for AMIDEAST U.A.E., and announced that in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi they have begun accepting applications for the 2020 Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program.

The 2020 Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program provides funding for Emirati students wishing to pursue graduate-level study at universities in the United States. The Fulbright delegation, consisting of the Operations Manager, Ms. Ruthie Ostah, Dubai Office Executive, Ms. Lama Alaeddin, the Academic Business Solution Executive, Ms. Jane Yu, and Program Officer, Ms. Sadek Helal, met with AURAK senior administrators to discuss the various scholarships they offer, applicant eligibility, the application process, the history of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, and the terms and conditions of the scholarships. The delegation then met with AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Akim, and conducted an open, informational session for Emirati undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. The session began with welcoming speeches by the Associate Provost of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Denise Gifford, and the Dean of the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Professor Lee Waller. After the informational session, the participants had lunch with the delegation and were encouraged to ask any clarification questions they may have had regarding the scholarships.

Professor Hassan was immensely pleased with opportunities AURAK students will be able to take advantage of with the help of the Fulbright scholarship program, “Studying abroad in the United States offers students exposure to a melting pot of diverse cultures that will benefit students not only professionally, but personally as well. We are fortunate to have support from such distinguished agencies like the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi to help facilitate the development of young lives.”