AURAK signs a contract with RAK Municipality to implement Food & Hygiene Project

April 27, 2021,

​The American University of Ras Al Khaimah signed a contract with RAK Municipality to implement an important project regarding Food Safety Training in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate.  The project aims to ensure effective supervision and awareness of how to enhance safety and public health in RAK.

Food safety is an essential element of food security, especially with regards to the UAE National Food Security Strategy 2051, which depends on locally produced foods as well as imported foods, for meeting a large part of the food needs of RAK.  All food establishments shall provide an approved food safety officer to be responsible for the supervision, monitoring and verification of food handling activities and to ensure that the premise and its food handlers meet food safety requirements.

The Center for Executive & Professional Education (CEPE) at AURAK has been delivering the training courses and tests to the food and beverage sector workers in RAK since mid-February 2021.  This is in accordance with the plan that was created in partnership with the Food Control Section of the Public Health Administration at RAK Municipality.

The Food Safety & Hygiene training provides a set of instructions and recommendations to ensure food safety while delivering the appropriate packages for packing and transporting food. The training material and assessments were prepared by the Biotechnology team at AURAK in different languages (Arabic, English, Hindi and Malayalam) then reviewed and approved by the Food Control Section at RAK Municipality.