AURAK ASCE Student Chapter activities for 2021

December 30, 2021,

The AURAK-ASCE Student Chapter for the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering led by Dr. Fayez Moutassem organized an annual ‘Welcome and Registration’ event on November 25, 2021. AURAK-ASCE student officer ‘Mr. Abdelrahman Abdelrahman’ delivered a presentation outlining the objectives and importance of the ASCE student chapter as well as a description of each activity organized and attended by the student chapter for the year 2021. In addition, the students were informed of the free ASCE membership and were encouraged to register by filling in a registration sheet.  

The following is the list of activities organized by the AURAK-ASCE student chapter for the year 2021:  

  • ASCE Steel Presentation Event @ AURAK  
  • ASCE Concrete Competition @ AURAK  
  • ASCE AutoCAD Webinar @ AURAK  
  • ASCE SAP Webinar @ AURAK  
  • ASCE ‘Engineering Quiz’ Event @ AURAK 

The following is the list of activities attended by the AURAK-ASCE student chapter for the year 2021:  

  • ASCE Conference ‘Eyes on Engineering’ 
  • ASCE Webinar on Risk Management 
  • ASCE-AUS ‘RTA Talk’ Webinar 
  • ASCE Workshop on ‘Advanced Design & Application of Pressure Sewer Systems’ 
  • ASCE Webinar on ‘Leadership & Emotional Intelligence’ 
  • ASCE Webinar on ‘Strategic Planning’

The following is the list of awards received by the AURAK-ASCE student chapter in recognition of the chapter’s outstanding activities for the year 2020: 

  • An ASCE international ‘Letter of Honorable Mention’ (2 years in a row) 
  • Outstanding Student Club Activity/Event/Program Award 
  • AURAK’s Active Student Clubs Award 
  • Student Chapter Recognition Trophy 
  • ASCE Chapter President Trophy 
  • Multiple certificates to AURAK’s ASCE chapter officers 
  • Regional ASCE AutoCAD Competition 1st Place Award

The ASCE student chapter and club activities are valuable for the growth and development of undergraduate civil engineers because they help develop teamwork, leadership, creativity and project management skills. Civil engineering students at AURAK hold elections yearly to choose their ASCE student president, secretary, treasurer and executive committee members. Further information about the ASCE can be found at the following link: