AURAK Instills Work Ethics

February 10, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Kaimah’s (AURAK) Department of Internships, Career Development, and Alumni Affairs organized a “Work Ethics Workshop” for AURAK students presented by the Associate Professor of Philosophy of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Dr. Philipp Dorstewitz, to enlighten students concerning ethics of the professional work environment.

The workshop commenced with Dr. Philipp requesting students to write characteristics of the perfect employee on post-it notes, posting them to the employee drawn on the wall, and then listing all of the characteristics that the students believed would make the perfect employee. Then two students enrolled in the Ethics class, Ms. Shaima Alzaabi and Ms. Joy Ogbor, gave a brief PowerPoint presentation delving into the two types of work ethics: personal and technical. Dr. Philipp followed their presentation explaining the differences between virtues and ethics and work morals and work ethics. He had students speculate why it is important that they work hard and consider the typical traits of entrepreneurs. The workshop ended with the students drawing the workspace of their ideal careers in which they feel they would be most productive. Afterwards students enjoyed refreshments and discourse amongst themselves concerning the topics brought to light in the workshop.

Mechanical Engineering student, Joy Ogbor, found the workshop most useful in that the ideologies were enlightening and that the practical work ethics in a professional world are applicable even now in school, “I could seek ways to make my room more comfortable in order to be more productive, i.e. getting a desk to do homework on.”

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was pleased with being able to support events such as these as they instill in students characteristics necessary for not only student success presently but will also facilitate professional success once entering the job market, making them more employable.