AURAK Speaks Out

February 17, 2019,

The Public Speaking Club, the Department of Languages and Literature, and the Student Government Association of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) hosted the AURAK English Public Speaking Competition to encourage students in their usage of clear, effective English and to develop their public speaking skills.

Contestants presented two speeches, a prepared speech and an impromptu speech, to a panel of judges comprised of faculty from the Department of Languages and Literature and audience members. The students first presented a prepared speech; then the students selected a random topic, prepared an impromptu speech within a minute, and delivered it to the judges and crowd. The speeches were evaluated on the speech construction, delivery, content of their speech, and their command of the English language. 1st place and the prize of 500 AED went to Jovial Iyaka, who scored 158 points, and 2nd place, along with 350 AED, went to Mohamed Emam, who scored 149 points. Initially there was a tie for 3rd place between Yousra Mohamed and Shereen Hanafy, but a tie-breaking speech awarded Yousra with the 250 AED for her 137 points, and the audience’s favorite speaker, Farouk Waleed, received 300 AED.

Computer Engineering student, Mohamed Emam, one of many students motivated to participate in the event, related that he is fascinated with the ability that words possess in moving people. He enjoyed the competition since it gave him the opportunity to explore other people’s opinions and learn different rhetorical approaches in addressing topics. The biggest challenge of the competition for him was keeping his points organized.

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was delighted with the competition in that this enterprise promotes the significance in the mastery of using the English language, a language essential in becoming a globally responsible citizen, and that the event was completely student organized and managed.