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AURAK Takes to the Sky

February 21, 2019,

As part of the ADNOC sponsored, Emirati initiative, “Knowledge for All,” Furturists Hub and The American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s (AURAK) School of Engineering organized a presentation by drone expert, Mr. AbdelRahman ElHijazi, entitled “The Drone Workshop” in their continuing participation in innovation month to teach students the significant impact drones are making in the computer industries field.

“We used to say the sky is the limit; now it is our job. Our office. Our home,”

Mr. AbdelRahman ElHijazi, founder of the UAE FPV Group for the Drone Racing 2015 and “The Drone Workshop” presenter, iterated in Wednesday’s workshop to illustrate that in the past where the sky was a limitation, it is now where the future lies with the implications drone technology plays presently and will play in the future in many areas such as mapping, military, and agriculture. Mr. Abdel is currently considered one of the most important Arabic pilots in the field of drone racing and spoke on behalf of Futurists Hub, an umbrella network committed to unifying Emirati professionals in various technical fields, providing integrated services, developing latest technologies, creating innovative technical work, and sharing expertise.

The workshop was dedicated to enlightening students concerning drone usage, drone flight regulations, the main components of a drone, the process in which they work, and the preparations required for drone flight. Electronics and Communications Engineering student, Hanin Al Zoubi, enjoyed the presentation in that it provided vital, background information concerning drones, which is now predominant in her line of study and it enlightened her on the various ways it is employed in our lives.

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was thrilled that the University was able to support such endeavors that bring cutting-edge technology to supplement AURAK curriculum, “These opportunities give students hands-on experience with current and future technology, instilling in them a familiarity with programs essential for both their progress as a global citizens and to be competitive in the global job market upon their graduation.”