AURAK Holds Five Days of Faculty Performance Development Meetings

January 14, 2020,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) held a five-day series of faculty professional development meetings focusing on range of issues designed to improve further the work of faculty and the performance of the institution.

Professor Steven Wilhite, AURAK’s Provost, introduced the event. The presentations on the first day dealt with a range of key issues including academic rigor, the new syllabus template, grade distribution, academic advising and the revised academic integrity policy.  The first day also saw presentations on general education and introducing the emerging Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Days two and four were devoted to school or department meetings or events.

Administrative matters such as changes to policies on faculty contract renewal and promotion, new programs and changes to programs as well as accreditation and re-accreditation were tackled on day three. One strategic objective is to “introduce new, innovative academic programs that respond to local, regional and international demand”. 

The Office of Institutional Strategy and Excellence held a working session on how to complete course files. There was also a presentation on new cybersecurity initiatives at AURAK titled “The only secure device is unplugged and in your closet,” which was full of tips on how to avoid comprising your data security.

The Office of Research and Community Service: Policy and Procedures presented on the issue of research incentives and ethics in research on the final day. Academics were informed about payment from the University for published articles, AURAK’s policy on patents to encourage faculty to work on them and how to split future revenue. There was also a session on Blackboard which included the results of a survey on the use of the tool by teachers and students. There was also a report on the Fall 2019 Academic Recovery Initiative.