U.S. Consulate Visits AURAK

Jan 23, 2018,

The United States Consulate of Dubai honored the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) by visiting the institution.

The Vice Consul of the U. S. Consulate General Dubai, Ms. Sita Raiter, toured the university campus with AURAK President, Prof. Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Prof. Stephen Wilhite, and Dean of the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Dr. Lee Waller. The representative recognized AURAK from its dignified booth in the Sharjah Exhibition, and was taken in by the university’s beautifully landscaped grounds.  As she was escorted through the newly opened Engineering Building and viewed the towering construction scaffolds of the future RAK Bank School of Business Building, the representative was fascinated with the plans for renovating Saqr Library.

Ms. Sita praised AURAK for acquiring its recent status of SACSCOC candidacy, and, on behalf of the consul, graciously presented the Saqr Library with a collection of American publications to aid in its expansion and the students in their studies and research.

Prof. Hassan was appreciative of the Consul General and Ms. Sita for spending the day at AURAK, their commendations of the university, and their donation; he looks forward to future endeavors together such as possible presentations for the students.