New Student Orientation 2018

January 25, 2018,

A Warm Welcome for New AURAK Family Members

New AURAK family members were embraced at the New Student Orientation on January 25, 2018 in the auditorium of Building G.

Incoming students were greeted with friendly smiles and a goodie bag filled with promises of what the presentation and AURAK would bring into their lives.  Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Dr. Lee “Rusty” Waller, delivered a heartfelt welcome enlightening students concerning The History and Vision of AURAK.  He introduced the numerous departments and services that AURAK provides students to bolster their AURAK experience sprinkled with anecdotes, solidifying the audience as part of our AURAK family.

“AURAK is all about being a family. You have a lot of helpful people that are always there for you, which is a beautiful aspect of this university,”

Lead Tutor, Head AURAK Ambassador, and Public Relations Officer of the Student Government Association, Sana Sy, testified in her first-hand account of her time at AURAK, and what it means to join the AURAK Family and Life.

A few of the wonderful people Sana alluded to extended their support during the orientation:

The Director from The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Technology, Dr. Bryn Holmes, explained the importance of attendance and offered the services of University 100, peer tutoring, and The Writing Center; vital studying tips and instructions on how to receive support for students with disabilities were given by the Manager from The Department of Counseling, Testing, and Disability Services, Dr. Sharon Waller; Secretary to AURAK’s Student Government Association (SGA), Mr. Muhamma Babakura, along with the Student Government Association Officers, described the SGA’s role as liaison between the students and university and in helping with events such as Global Day; the Manager for the Department of Student Life, Ms. Reema Khalil Ibrahim Abu Hilal gave a brief presentation concentrating on Valuing Your Community and the Value of Engagement through programs like the Ambassador Program; Student Life Officer, Mr. Perry Fernandez, from Athletics showed a video clip of pictures illustrating the many athletic opportunities and triumphs of AURAK; Library Director, Mr. Mohamed Darwish, from Saqr Library enumerated the many services his library offers; and the assembly concluded with Health Services and Tips on Managing Student Financial Obligations and Debt from Dr. Lee.

Students left the auditorium with valuable words of encouragement from Osama Ayub, President of the Engineering Club and AURAK Ambassador,

“There are two kinds of people in this world: people who are born talented and people who are hardworking.  Not everyone can be born talented, but one thing’s for sure and that is everyone can be a hardworking person. Through hard work you can achieve success in your life.”

Any students who missed this delightful experience and are in need of the services addressed in the orientation can contact Student Life and Activities for assistance.