AURAK President Honors Distinguished Faculty and Staff

June 18, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, honored exceptional faculty and staff members for their extreme dedication through the 2018 – 2019 academic year in the President’s Award Ceremony.

Professor Hassan initiated the ceremony by welcoming and thanking the AURAK faculty and staff for their hard work and contributions throughout the year. He then introduced the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success and Provost, Professor Stephen Wilhite, as the announcer for the evening’s ceremony, who passed out the awards to the recipients.

The Presidential Awards for the faculty included Excellence in Teaching, which was awarded to Engr. Shereen Subhi Ismail, an instructor in the Computer Science and Engineering Lab; Outstanding Researcher, which was awarded to Professor Hamid Berriche, a professor of physics; and President’s Leadership in Service, which was awarded to Professor Ahmad Sakhrieh, a professor of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Perry Fernandes, the Student Life Officer, was awarded with the Distinguished Professional Staff Award. Each award winner was presented with a certificate on stage by Professor Hassan and the opportunity to have their photo taken with the president. The ceremony ended with a group photo featuring every staff member who received a Certificate of Appreciation for contributing to the University’s success in obtaining its accreditation through The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).

SACSCOC Accreditation Contributors:

Vice Presidents:

  1. Prof. Stephen Wilhite
  2. Dr. Ashok Kabisatpathy

Deans and Associate Deans:

  1. Prof Mousa Mohsen
  2. Prof Bilal Akash
  3. Prof Lee Waller
  4. Prof Steven Zani
  5. Dr Mustapha Merabet
  6. Dr Maxime Merheb
  7. Dr Sahar Idwan
  8. Dr Hamed Assaf
  9. Prof Narasimhaiah Gorla
  10. Dr Mukdad Mohammad Ibrahim

Department Chairs:

  1. Dr Khaledah Yousef Al Mansoori
  2. Dr Rachel Matar
  3. Dr Ali Maalaoui
  4. Dr Mashhad Al-Allaf
  5. Dr Mohammad Mahdi
  6. Dr Hurrem Yilmaz
  7. Dr Baliira Kalyebara
  8. Dr Fernando del Ama Gonzalo
  9. Dr Reda Abdelazim
  10. Dr Mohammad Awad
  11. Dr Maen Tukruri
  12. Dr Ahmad Sakhrieh

IE Coordinators:

  1. Nausheen Shafiq
  2. Vazeerjan Begum
  3. Ahmad Abu Abdo
  4. Sara Faiz
  5. Eka Sediadi
  6. Oussama Ramzi Khettabi
  7. Kamel Abu Youssef
  8. Carolyn Ricaplaza
  9. Nada Al Safarini
  10. Sharon Waller
  11. Reema Abu Hilal

List of AURAK members who contributed to the success of SACSCOC:

  1. Eduardo Ali
  2. Irshad Ahmad
  3. Robert Arthur
  4. Suzanna Djamtoska Zdravkov
  5. Philipp Dorstewitz
  6. Tawfiq Abuhantash
  7. Mohamed Taysir Darwish
  8. Ayman Rashed Alkhanbouli
  9. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Hmiedan
  10. Fauzan Qazi
  11. Ramy Iskander
  12. Bijayalaxmi Kabisatpathy
  13. Helen Amhani
  14. Mohamed Khalifa
  15. Abba Adji Tahir
  16. Mohamed Sharul
  17. Khadija Alshehhi
  18. Sunitha Cherian
  19. Mahmoud Abdelhamid
  20. Diocel Ortega
  21. Meshreky Ibrahem
  22. Ma. Anna Carolina Ortiz
  23. Maryam Albloushi
  24. Wennie Amedo Bandico
  25. Ivy Tanedo
  26. Mayba Fe Bulet
  27. John Ronald Rozal
  28. Mohannad Tahhan
  29. Alicia Villaluz
  30. Jessica Zani
  31. Rona Anunciacion
  32. Abeer Al  Malki
  33. Saqr Al Qasemi
  34. Nerissa Gonzales
  35. Alya Al Ansari
  36. Ryan Canlas
  37. Jane Alava
  38. Haifa Ghazi Awad
  39. Hydee Cenabre
  40. Evelyn Victoria
  41. Shamila Nasiya Beevi

“The entire AURAK family sacrifices long hours both inside and outside the classrooms developing lessons, researching, and organizing conferences, workshops, and competitions to create a learning environment that facilitates the personal, educational, and professional growth of our students,” remarked Professor Hassan. “It’s always very difficult to select the most outstanding few from such a large population that embodies the very definition of devotion. I only wish that I could truly show each and every member just how much I appreciate their hard work.”