AURAK Architects Graduate

June 2, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s (AURAK) Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering held its “1st Graduation Design Project Final Presentation” to display the senior projects of its first graduating class.

The Department of Architecture has reached a major milestone since its inception in 2014 in that it will graduate its first students this Spring semester. To honor this milestone, the Department held a ceremony to display seven graduate projects: Lama Elkady’s “Microcosm: A Growing Experience Through Spaces,” Ahmad Eleza’s “Development and Growth of Ras Al Khaimah International Airport,” Hiba Masoud’s “Engagement Community Center,” Ruy Mtawali’s Shelter of Food: RAK Agriculture Research Center,” Imran Galadancy’s “School of Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Planning,” Ahmed Sid Ahmed’s “Justice Gates Towers,” and Kawther Thamer’s Abu Dhabi Cancer Hospital.” In attendance at the ceremony was Professor Mary Jane and Mr. Owen O’Carroll of Harriot Watt University Dubai, Dr. Ahmad Agiel of UAE University Al Ain, Mr. Alessandro Cece and Mr. Gergely Csikvari of Ajman University, and Architect Dafir Mann of Dewan Architects & Engineers. The collective projects demonstrate the wide range of architectural building styles these students are capable of producing, and delivers the program’s promise to create students capable of high impact, innovative work, of benefit to multiple industries and throughout the community.

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamden Al Alkim, was pleased to see the program celebrate its maturation through a student-centered ceremony, “This ceremony is a landmark event for its department as it is a clear indication of the program’s verifiable prosperity with evidence that the students graduating from the program are both competent and job market ready. This milestone marks the Department of Architecture as a reputable architecture school in the UAE and is an important stepping stone in becoming known as a high quality institution internationally as well.”