AURAK Gets Down to the Bare Bones

March 1, 2018,

Dr. W. Andrew Hodge of RAK Hospital and Medical Center presented “Bone, Joint, and Rehab Center with Total Solutions” to the students, staff, and faculty of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah at the “How Are You, Health Awareness Workshop Part One.”

Dr. Hodge lectured on the advancements with stem cell research and how they are used to repair bone, joint, and ligament damage along with its newer cosmetic uses of body shaping and anti-aging injections.  He elucidated the topics of Radio-telemetry Hip Prosthesis, measuring hip stress, and how x-rays are used to view joints.

Treatment for a knee injury is through regenerative medicine, surgical options, and then rehabilitation.  One knee replacement model he described was the 3D Knee that enhances flexion, strength, and longevity.  Dr. Hodge recounted the story of one of his patients that underwent a knee replacement procedure that procured this model. Since having the procedure, the patient has lived a full, active life in which she hikes and jogs three miles a day.  Dr. Hodge even had a current patient present in the crowd at the presentation.

However, he does advocate caring for your joints to avoid knee replacement by taking in calcium, vitamin D, sunlight, and getting plenty of exercise.

Dr. Hodge enjoyed the big variety of students that attended the workshop, and, since knee and joint injuries are higher among Middle Eastern countries, he wanted students to learn how to take care of their muscular skeletal health. He looks forward toward more interactions between RAK Hospital and the university.