Celebrating Diversity and Unity at AURAK: A Global Day of Culture and Cuisine

The 10th Global Day was celebrated at AURAK with students presenting music, dance, and cuisine from more than 15 countries.

The lively joyful event throbbed with sights, sounds, and smells of different countries, a true reflection of the university’s diverse international community that respects and celebrates all cultures.

The participating students presented enthralling and captivating performances from different countries, including Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, and the UAE.

Commenting on the Global Day celebrations, the President, Prof. Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, remarked: “We believe a university should be a melting pot of global cultures. Our university truly represents this spirit of respect for nationalities all over the world, and we have students from different countries on campus. This year’s Global Day once again exceeded our expectations, and it felt great to watch the dazzling performances and taste the cuisine of different countries.”

The celebration began with a Quran recitation followed by a welcome speech. The cultural program started with two live performances of Saudi Arabia and the UAE performed by the Saeed Bin Jubair School for Secondary Learning.

This was followed by the Parade of Countries, a colorful spectacle that evoked great cheers from the audience.

Student performances were from Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine. Splendid dance performances came from India, Syria, Nigeria, and Sudan.

The show also featured student musicians showcasing their skills. Aleksander Szydlak performed a music solo, and the AURAK Music Band, belonging to the Music Club, delivered a spectacular musical performance.

Aromas of foods from different countries wafted through the venue as the spectators enjoyed authentic dishes from every part of the world.