Tackle Talk

March 18, 2019,

Tackle Talk is AURAK’s newest student club that produces a University podcast aimed at “tackling” student related, University topics featuring guest speakers. The creation of the club began as a suggestion of AURAK student, Mr. Duot Mabil, to andother student, Mr. Mohamed Emam, in the Fall of 2018 in the form of a passing compliment; however, Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Duot decided that the idea was too good to pass up and began working with the Student Government Association to develop a full fledge university club. Despite minor microphone setbacks, Tackle Talk evolved as an independent student club in Spring 2019 with five members: two main hosts, Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Duot; two back up hosts, Zainab Belkhayat and Antony John; and director, Laura Shehata. Currently, the podcast has broadcast five episodes addressing various topics, such as an introduction to the SGA featuring SGA President, Mr. Babakurah; Global Day; Mid Term Tips with Dr. Ali Malaaoui, AURAK sports with Coach Perry; and an interview with Mr. Khaled Matar Subaa Al Ali, the winner of the UAE Wakeboard Championship 2019. New episodes launch every Friday afternoon, with recordings taking place on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Tackle Talk looks forward to expanding in terms of branching out with new events, topics, and hosts. If you are interested in joining as a Tackle Talk member or as a guest speaker, or if you have a topic you would like tackled, please contact Mr. Mohamed or Mr. Duot through their social media or their emails, mohamed.emam@aurak.ac.ae or duot.duot@aurak.ac.ae .

Check them out on Soundcloud for the latest episodes and stay posted with Twitter, LinkedIn, and their Soundcloud bio.