AURAK Empowers Women with Confidence

March 24, 2018,

The School of Engineering of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) and Emirates Digital Association for Women (EDAW) organized a workshop “Empowering Women” led by Dr. Khaledah Al Mansoori, highlighting the importance of confidence in women and how to obtain it.

AURAK Provost, Prof. Stephen Wilhite, opened the workshop by welcoming the participants and was followed by a small introductory presentation about EDAW from Dr. Saher Adwan. Dr. Khaledah began her PowerPoint by having the participants construct a Confidence Map in which they reflected on  how events in their lives have both added to and subtracted from their confidence level.  They analyzed what it means to be confident, discussed the role risk taking plays in building confidence, speculated over which behaviors promote confidence, and discovered how to avoid behaviors that lead to self-sabotage.

The workshop ended with a small award ceremony in which Prof. Wilhite presented Dr. Khaledah with an award and the participants each received a certificate.  AURAK President, Prof. Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was delighted that AURAK is able to support efforts such as these workshops that encourage empowerment of women in the workforce.