AURAK’S Emirati Alumnus develops an Advanced Fire Warning System

March 28, 2022,

An Emirati alumnus from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) has developed a system that can, in advance, issue a notice of impending fire disaster to save properties and lives.

His brilliant invention, named The House Guardian, is an early detection system of the circumstances likely to start fires. Thus, with a few minutes notice of possible danger, people are able to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from any harm or loss.

Employing Internet of Things technology, the system collects data from the sensors distributed around the property and analyzes it using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It issues warning to the user through a mobile application and can notify concerned authorities to intervene when a dangerous situation is detected.  

The project idea was initially proposed by AURAK’s computer science graduate Hamad Al Hebsi. The proposal proudly went forward to win the EXPO 2020 Funding Grant in 2019. Mr. Al Hebsi in collaboration with the AURAK’s Center of Information, Communication and Networking Education and Innovation (ICONET) team proceeded with executing the project idea and turning it into a reality.

Mr. Al Hebsi’s project was presented at EXPO Live Future Innovators Summit held at the Good Place Hub in conjunction with EXPO 2020 activities on March 14 -15, 2022. AURAK was represented in the summit by Dr. Maen Takruri, Director of ICONET and Associate Professor of Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Mr. Shadi Abderahman, Research Engineer, along with Mr. Al Hebsi.

Commenting on the system’s idea, Mr. Al Hebsi said: “My ambition was to create my own invention related to my major. The House of Guardian is an artificial intelligence program based on tell-tale early warning and pinpointing the source of the calamity, and this is what distinguishes our system from others.”