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AURAK Announces Winners of Ball Juggling Contest

May 13, 2020,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) has announced the winners of its Ball Juggling Competition.

Entrants had 2 minutes to juggle the ball and the judges counted the number of times they juggled it to decide the winner. Volleying the soccer ball repeatedly in a controlled manner is known as keepie uppie in some English-speaking countries.

The men’s competition winner was Bilal Mohammad Al-Arja and the women’s contest winner was Abrar Tageldin Elamin. The winners won AED 300 and a certificate.

Entrants took part by submitting videos of their juggling efforts because of the social distancing measures in place to fight COVID-19. The contest was open to AURAK students, alumni, staff, and faculty.