Mass Communications Harvests Artistic Talent

May 23, 2019,

The Mass Communication Department of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) hosted their Mass Communication Annual Harvest 2019, displaying student projects from the Spring 2019 semester in an exhibition.

The Mass Communications Department has diligently spent the Spring semester seeding and tilling the crop of students, cultivating various artistic skills, and with the close of the Spring Semester, the fruits of the student labor were ripe for the picking and display for the AURAK student body. A festival entitled the Mass Communication Annual Harvest 2019 was held to celebrate the bountiful peck of student triumphs in a series of exhibitions: graduating seniors’ projects, short videos, photography, graphic design, and painting.

The senior graduation projects included Laila Dakhoury’s “Women of Egypt (Ancient and Modern)” video, Amina Sani’s “My Weight Loss Journey” video, Ana Christina Mousawek’s “Adopt Don’t Shop” video, and Jawaher Sherdal and Maitha Al Ali’s “Elderly First” video. The Video competition exhibition contained the entries of “The Spirit of Communication,” “The Best Breakfast Cafes in RAK,” “Emirates Palace Hotel,” “Year of Tolerance,” “RAK Camel Farm,” “Ramadan Vibes,” “Who We Are?,” and “Wasting Time.” The AURAK student body voted on their favorite video with the blue ribbon (1st place) going to “RAK Camel Farm,” the red ribbon (2nd place) going to “Year of Tolerance,” and the white ribbon (3rd place) going to “Who We Are?” The blue ribbon for the Photography competition exhibition went to “Discovering Inner Self,” the red ribbon went to “No Limits,” and the white ribbon went to “One Person – Different Personalities.” The blue ribbon for the Graphic Design competition exhibition went to Yakout Al Safadi, the red ribbon went to Sabreen Mohamed, and the white ribbon went to Sara Koka. The blue ribbon for the Painting competition exhibition went to “Sunset” and the red ribbon went to “Clown Mask.”

All of the participating students did remarkable work that was admired by everyone who walked through the illustrious fields of creativity, leaving the student body looking forward to next year’s festivities of the Mass Communications Harvest.