AURAK Presents Business Week

May 6, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s (AURAK) School of Business and the Department of Internships, Career Development, and Alumni Affairs hosted ‘Business Week,’ a weeklong event aimed at student career development.

Students were encouraged to “Innovate and take risks” through seminars and a series of guest speakers: Mr. Craig Austin, the Head of Talent Management, Learning and Development of RAK Bank; Dr. Ibrahim Akoum, the Chief Executive of RAK Center for Statistics and Studies; International Coach and Leadership expert Ms. Linda McLoughlin.

Mr. Craig Austin kicked off the week with “Our Journey into the Future,” emphasizing the importance of adapting to change, maintaining passion, and being a team player as a leader, “I’m in the team, with the team, and for the team… At the end of the day, it’s about the LEGACY we create.”

Dr Ibrahim Akoum continued on Tuesday with ‘Start-Ups: An Alternative Path,’ illustrating the difference between working for a traditional company and becoming an entrepreneur though a Start-Up, focusing on Startups and SMES, Financing Modes, and Legal Structures.

As the keynote speaker, Ms Linda McLoughlin, a member of the International Coaching Federation and former Placement Director of AUS, closed the series with an engaging lecture, ‘Walk Through an Interview,’ where she explained the ten laws of an interview, described different types of interviews, formats for questions, and appropriate ways to answer interview questions. Students and faculty alike engaged in practicing their power poses and handshakes to ready themselves for their next job interview.

Business Week ended with two seminars Thursday morning by Dr Mukdad Ibrahim and Dr. Jimmy Teng, with a reception.

AURAK President Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim was pleased with the initiative in that it exposed students to current business professionals, giving them exclusive insight as what is to be expected of them in the professional job market, better preparing them for the job market.