AURAK Students are Job Market Ready

May 8, 2019,

In partnership with Education for Employment (EFE), the American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s (AURAK) Center of Continuing Education and Community Services organized the Certified Young Business Professional (CYBP) training for graduating seniors to receive specialized training to enhance their value in the job market.

EFE is an organization in the Middle East and North African region that offers youth a complete path from training to employment with tangible connections to the world of business.

The CYBP curriculum, developed by the International Business Training Association, is the global standard for introducing pre-graduate and post-graduate students to the world of business by providing them with the essential knowledge and skills required for young business professionals, regardless of the industry. This course gives students a current and applicable introduction to the business world, including all facets of business from starting a business and operating it to making improvements on efficiency.

The first part of the course introduced students to the business world by questioning them why people start businesses and gave insight into the mind of an entrepreneur. It highlighted the business types, business components, basic business functions, and how to start a business. The significance of leadership skills were emphasized along with the key skills required to run any business including customer service, sales, communication, and etiquette.

The second part covered important aspects of marketing and managing business, including working with employees, finances, budgets, and using cutting-edge technological advances and software to improve efficiency. An online assessment was administered to students at the end of the course, earning them an International Certificate.

AURAK President, Professor Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, was pleased with the venture, “It is critical to give students every advantage possible in preparing them for a competitive job market. Professional programs such as these instill essential business social skills required of professionals that sometimes aren’t addressed in conventional business courses.”