AURAK Hosts Alumni Homecoming

November 10, 2021,

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) held its 2nd AURAK Alumni Club election and Alumni Homecoming event 2021 in efforts to keep abreast with the activities of its alumni population.

The program began with a welcome speech by Ms. Assamahou Malika, the event MC. Featured speakers were Prof. Hassan Al Alkim, AURAK President, Ms. Aamna Alshehhi, the new AURAK Alumni Club President, and Mr. Sami Adam, Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President. The event ended with a group picture, fellowship, socializing and of course lunch.

Professor Hassan Al Alkim was delighted with the 2nd AAC election and with the opportunity to network with former students as a way to help guide the University on avenues of improvement, he was pleased with the success of the event in that it provided AURAK an avenue for fostering relationships with AURAK Alumni, allowing for open communication for feedback that will help improve the AURAK experience for future students to come “The recent 2nd AURAK Alumni Club election and Alumni Homecoming event played a significant role in AURAK’s attempts to keep its alumni involved with the university. As I mentioned in my remarks to those in attendance, AURAK relies on its alumni to serve as our ambassadors with prospective students and their families, highlighting AURAK’s student-centered educational approach. We also rely on our alumni for input and suggestions on how we can improve our current programs as well as prospective new programs we might want to establish.”