AURAK Organizes Outing to Musandam, Oman

November 11, 2021,

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) organized an outing to Musandam, Oman’s coast. The OIA put on the trip to Musandam on the east coast of Gulf of Oman for AURAK Alumni, students, faculty and staff members. The activities included a day on the water in a traditional Omani dhow (boat), dolphin watching, swimming and snorkeling.

The Musandam Governorate is a mountainous Omani peninsula projecting into the Strait of Hormuz, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Its jagged coastline features fjordlike inlets called khors, and its waters are home to dolphins and other marine life and the dhow cruises are a popular activity there.

Professor Hassan Al Alkim was delighted with the trip “AURAK trips brings alumni and AURAK family together for fantastic adventures around the world, it allows participants to learn more about AURAK and the advantages of being a member of AURAK. The excursions allow participants to stay in touch with the university while also assisting in the establishment and strengthening of links between the alumni and the university.