Trip to the Qur’anic Park in Dubai

October 27, 2019,

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Office of International Students’ Programs organized a trip to the Qur’anic Park in Dubai for 31 students, faculty and staff.

 Qur’anic Park was named as one of the World’s Greatest Places to Visit in 2019 by ‘Time’ magazine. It is designed to give a better cultural and educational understanding of Islamic heritage, while still being a fun place to go for children, families and those looking to learn more about the Holy Quran.

 The participants attended the Glass House, which is one of the two main attractions at the Qur’anic Park and is a home to 29 different plants and trees that are mentioned in the Quran and The Sunnah. In addition, they went to the Cave of Miracles, which is a man-made cave, including even stalactites, depicting miracles revolving around all the Prophets in the Holy Quran.

 “The trip was wonderful. We enjoyed the togetherness with our friends and colleagues. The trip brought together entertainment and learning,” said Somaya Mohamad, a student in Biotechnology.

 Reem Alharmi, from Computer Engineering, said it was “A lovely and calm trip that I enjoyed a lot. It was a type of learning session but also an interesting view.”

 ”The trip was an eye-opener. It was not just about the park. It was educative about the miracles and great achievements of many prophets in the Islamic faith in the Cave House,” said Babakura Muhammad, a student in Petroleum Engineering.